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Making America Healthier
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Making America Healthier
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Making America Healthier
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Access to a medical home is the cornerstone of both prevention and continuity of care.  For those who cannot afford health insurance,  CCN offers an affordable, alternative model which connects patients to reduced cost medical services and providers – the CCN Network.   We are also a longstanding partner in ACA enrollment efforts and have helped thousands of families access care through these options, particularly in low-income and immigrant communities.

Obama Care

The CCN Network

Your Medical Home

Education and awareness are vital tools to inform your healthy lifestyle choices. Early detection and understanding of disease prevention are critical first steps to keeping you healthy. Check out our health screening locations and educational programs, including community health talks, online forums and radio programs.

Improving health disparity starts by working both locally, at the grassroots level in underserved communities, and also by advocating at the federal and state levels to let our voices be heard. Collaborating with multiple agencies, CCN works to raise awareness and identify solutions to urgent matters of public health policy.

Interfaith Mental Health Forum

In November of 2015, a roundtable discussion on mental health needs in the community was organized by CCN at the Chicago Theological Seminary, and presided over by Surgeon General Vivek Murthy.

Cook County Direct Health Access Program

In August of 2016, CCN advocated for the passage of the Direct Access ordinance, an ordinance which passed in September and opened the door for over 40,000 still uninsured Cook County..

Our Partners

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Advocacy Conferences

CCN has been invited to speak at several national conferences. Here is a list of recent conferences we participated in. Contact us if you would like to collaborate.

Childhood Nutrition

Childhood obesity and malnutrition has risen significantly in American over the past few decades. This rise in obesity has already led to early onset of hypertension...