Radio Health Talks

Radio Health Talks –  CCN features weekly interviews with healthcare providers on a variety of topics.  We thank WCEV Radio 1450 AM for the air time.  Below is a sample of some of our over 50 topics discussed this past year.


Check out past interviews below:

Ayesha Siddiqi MD., on Food Allergies

Mohammed Al Khudari, MD., on Glaucoma

Mohammed Al Khudari, MD., on Cataracts

Fauzia Lodhi, MD., on Diabetes Care during Ramadan

Naveed Mallick, MD., on Sleep Deprivation Problems in Ramadan

Tarek Alahdab, MD., on Heart Health 1

Tarek Alahdab, MD., on Heart Health 2

Fahad Khan, PhD., on Mental Health

Tallat Chaudry, PhD., on Nutrition 1

Tallat Chaudry, PhD., on Nutrition 2

Yvonne Maffei on Healthy Halal Recipes

Saher Khan on CCN

Dental Health
Dr. Nida Akhter, DDS.

Health & Fitness During Ramadan
Dr. Hamza Abdul-Majeed, DO.

Preventing Childhood Accidents
Dr. Qudsia Zaheer, MD.

Healthy Ramadan (FAQs)
Sana Ali, MS.

FAQs About Medications
Dr. Sally Arif, PharmD.                               

Dental Health
Dr. Imaad Shaikh, DDS.

Common Emergencies
Dr. Badar Zaheer, MD.

How to Have a Safe and Healthy Summer

Dr. Munzareen Padela, MD.

Strokes – Detection & Prevention

Dr. Anwar Hussain, MD.

Diabetes and Common Myths

Mohamad Ata, RN


Dr. Johara Hasan, MD

Routine Screening Blood Tests 

Dr. Gafoor, MD.

Developing Healthy Eating Habits  

Yvonne Maffei.

Mental health Issues   

Mariam Eldeib, LCSW.

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